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ZG-BARS - Comfort at last.  For 1987 and later Concours. These "bar backs" rotate the grips 2" closer to you. Handlebar risers (Gen-Mar risers or other brands) are required to utilize these modified bars.  Stock cables and hoses are retained. Your bars are machined and returned to you in 1-2 business days after receipt.  The bars can be returned to the original, Factory position. Engraved covers are provided to cover the mounting bolt area at the base of the bars.

Your cost: $125.00  CALL ME DIRECT TO PLACE YOUR ORDER  954-415-1828                                                                        

How to try the "ZG" Bars position for yourself.  Please do this 1st.
Note: You must have risers installed to do this test.
1. Loosen the pinch bolt on each bar.
2. Remove the 2 bolts at the base of each bar that locate it on the triple tree.
3. Rotate your bars toward you (when seated on the bike), so that the bar's closest hole is located between the 2 holes in the riser. Snug up the pinch bolts.This is the "ZG" bar position.


KAWASAKI JUNCTION BOX REPAIR FOR ZG-1000, ZX-10R, ZZR-1100, ZXR-250, ZX-700R, VN-750, ZX-600, ZX-600R & RX, EX-500, EX-250, ZL-600 and others  - The Junction Box is the weak link in the Concours', Ninja and Vulcan/Nomad electrical systems. J-Boxes typically fail in the 50-60,000 mile area due to stress corrosion of the relay and other solder joints, or excessive electrical loads on the relays caused by using J-Box leads or the bike's wiring harness to provide power for accessories, or the use of dielectric grease on the contacts, thus placing higher load(s) on a relay(s).
Stress corrosion causes heat buildup, and higher resistance, that eventually causes the relay/solder connection to fail. Depending on which relay fails, the headlight, accessories, or engine may be affected. Typically, these relays give some warning before failure by operating intermittently when warm/hot, but may operate normally when cold. These are the warning signs of pending failure, it's only a matter of time. Don't let J-Box failure leave you stranded - the dealers do not stock them and the cost can exceed $240.00 for a new one.
I do not check your relays and only replace the bad one(s).  My service replaces all J-box  relays with new, higher capacity ones, thus assuring ample reserve current carrying capacity. All diodes are checked and replaced as necessary. Other soldered connections and fuse holders are repaired as necessary.  Damaged/delaminated circuit board traces are repaired if possible. Circuit board, conformal coating damage is also repaired. Future stress corrosion is greatly reduced by the techniques that are used in my rebuilding process. Refurbished junction boxes are warranted for 1 year from the date of shipment. The rebuilding of your j-box takes 1-2 days after receipt. Return is by Priority Mail.
NOTE: When sending your J-box for rebuilding; remove the cover, all fuses, the fuse pulling tool, fan fuse bracket and the rubber, damper strap.  Send to the address on the Contact  page.  Make sure to have tracking for your shipment.

Your cost: $100.00, Exchange plus $10 Priority Mail shipping, $110.00 total.

​Fully refurbished Concours J-box, non exchange J-box $140.00. NOT IN STOCK 

Call me direct if you need expedited shipping.  Shipping to Canada is the same pricing.

Payments: If you will be paying with a USPS Money Order or check, please make it payable to Lawrence Buck.

SENDING YOUR J-BOX:  To: Larry Buck, 1104 SW 12 St., Boca Raton, FL 33486-5495