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The original "Tailbrights" are a unique safety product made of "3-M" material that appears black in daylight, and is nearly invisible. At night, the material shines bright white when illuminated by headlights.  Kits include brand specific stripes for the sides of the luggage cases to increase your conspicuity to vehicles approaching from the side. Vehicles approaching from the rear will have greatly increased spacial information about your presence, which enables them to better judge following distance and relative speed.

The rounded corners insure perfect adhesion. "Tailbrights" have been in the field for nearly 10 years. Here's a customer's comment about them:
"Tailbrights" are inexpensive, night riding insurance from 'tailgaters' and 'combat commuters'
........... and, there are no moving parts."

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Kawasaki Concours
Part # C-02103 - Price: $28.00

4 Pc. Tailbrights

Concours Side Stripe

USA Delivery Free
Kawasaki Concours 14
Part # C-02101.  Price: $34.50

C-14 Rear Tailbrights

C-14 Side Case

USA Delivery Free
Honda ST-1300
Part # C-02143. Price: $36.00

ST-1300 at Night

ST-1300 Side Case

USA Delivery Free
Honda NT-700
Part # C-02139.  Price: $29.00

NT-700 at Night

... NEW
NT-700 Daytime

USA Delivery Free
Honda ST-1100
Part # C-02140.  Price: $24.00

ST-1100 Tailbrights

ST-1100 Tailbrights - Detail

USA Delivery Free
The same 3-M material used to manufacture the Tailbrights is available
in bulk form for owners to make their own designs. The material is 13" wide
and can be ordered in 1 inch increments at $3.00/inch, 12" minimum.

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Email or phone to discuss your needs


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