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Kawasaki C-14 Touring Pegs

Honda ST-1300 Touring Pegs

These billet machined touring peg brackets, and pegs, provide you with a solid, alternate foot location for increased comfort on longer rides. Touring pegs will also get your legs out in the air stream allowing cooler air to flow up your pant legs. Users have confirmed that inseam lengths up to 34" are comfortable with the BST peg position. The peg is angled to the rear, to better align with the rider's leg angle and prevents your foot from slipping off the peg. NOTE: Current pegs do not have a chrome end cap. The entire peg is black rubber. As shown here.

BST Touring Pegs have been designed to provide you with the most ground clearance, and safety. By locating the pegs over the tip-over wings, the pegs will not contact the ground before the standard footpegs. Because of this design, we do not have to sell replacement parts.The design allows the peg to fold, in the event of ground contact.

The round shape of the peg will give your feet & legs comfort, with no pressure points. The peg's position is also very comfortable if the rider's ankle is placed over it, and will not fold back when utilized this way. The small opening for the peg riser retains the integrity of the plastic cover, keeping engine heat away from your feet and legs.

The CNC machined brackets & peg risers can be ordered separately. The brackets can be used with your pegs. The brackets also provide a superior, vibration free, location for your fog lights or daytime running lights, in lieu of fork mounted lights. The mounting hole diameter is 1/2"


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Honda ST-1300 Touring Pegs, Complete as shown above.  
PN #C-02145
Price - $189.00

USA Delivery Free

Honda ST-1300 Billet, Touring Peg Bracket Kit, NO pegs.  
PN #C-02146
Price: $149.00

USA Delivery Free

Customer comments about the BST pegs,
paraphrased to remove competing products' names.

"I seriously considered the wing types, but they are too close to the rider for stretching out the legs (I'm 6'3"). The other brand locates the wings under the engine guard (tip over covers) and "can" pose a risk at times. I opted for the Buck Sport Touring pegs and have been excessively happy with them. I can even use them in conjunction with my fairing deflectors in place. They're not everyone's cup of tea, mostly because they aren't as elegant as the others. But this is a case where form HAS to follow function (IMHO)."

"Pegs received and installed. Thanks. In one word: awesome! Installation was a snap, instructions were clear, detailed, yet consise. The templates worked like a charm. The weather isn't cooperating, but I did manage to get out for a spin today. The pegs work great, they are just the right spot for me, and if I really want to relax, I hook my ankles over the pegs. Pics attached.

My initial statement has proven to be correct; For me, these pegs are much better than the XXX pegs, and I don't feel like I'm in a gym doing leg abductions! Thank you very much, now all I need is an all-day saddle and I'm off. Please feel free to use the pics and the comments - I meant what I said; awesome! My back will thank you for years to come."

A customer took a picture of the new style peg I am using on the ST-1300 pegs,
and sent it to me ... So I thought my customers would like to see it too.

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