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Refurbished & Upgraded J-boxes for Classic Concours C-10

The Concours Junction Box is a weak link in the motorcycle's electrical system. J-Boxes typically fail in the 50-60,000 mile area due to stress corrosion of the relay's solder joints or excessive electrical loads caused by using J-Box leads to provide switched power for accessories, thus placing a higher load(s) on a relay.

Stress corrosion causes heat buildup, and higher resistance, that eventually causes the relay to fail. Depending on which relay fails, the headlight, accessories, or engine may be affected. Typically, these relays give some warning before failure by operating intermittently when warm/hot, but may operate normally when cold. These are the warning signs of pending failure, it's only a matter of time. Don't let J-Box failure leave you stranded - the dealers do not stock them and the cost approaches $160.00 for a new one.

Our service replaces your J-box's low capacity OEM relays with new, high quality ones that have 3X greater amperage rating than the original ones, thus assuring ample reserve current carrying capacity. Our refurbished junction boxes are warranted for 6 months from the date of shipment. The rebuilding of your j-box takes 1-2 days after receipt and will be returned to you via Priority Mail.
When sending your J-box for rebuilding; remove the cover, all fuses, the fuse pulling tool,
fan fuse bracket and the rubber, damper strap.





J-box - Rebuilt - Customers J-box
via Priority Mail return.
Order number: C-02132

Order number: C-02132

Price: $70.00

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Fax: 561-417-3621

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