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Concours C-10 Dash Shelf

This shelf was specifically designed and engineered to provide a rock-solid platform to mount accessories such as a GPS, radar dectector, or satellite radio.  A shelf has to be strong, and be mounted securely, in order to withstand the punishment of a 1+ pound GPS unit becoming a 6 pound or more GPS, when the motorcycle takes a bump at speed.

My shelves are designed to complement the styling of the motorcycle and are made of 16 gauge, laser-cut, aluminum. The finish is non-glare, satin-black, powdercoat for lifetime good looks. Because of the strength of the part, no additional ribs, struts or stiffeners are required. All hardware and complete instructions are furnished.

Concours C-10 Dash Shelf

Mounting Detail

The Concours dash shelf has a turned-down panel that faces the rider. This panel has sufficient height to accommodate a Datel voltmeter and accessory switches/indicator lights.  ALL windshield brands are compatible with the shelf and it fits ALL years of the Concours. Longer screws are included for the Cee Bailey, Rifle, or Clearview windshield (they are thicker than stock). Please note your windshield manfacturer when ordering.

Shelf dimensions:
18"W x 6"D in center area.  Front, turn-down panels on each side: 4" W x 1-3/4"H

Concours C-10 Dash Shelf,  Part #: C-02201.  Price: $130.00
Allow 1 week for shipping.

Concours C-10 Dash Shelf,  
Part #: C-02201
 Price: $130.00

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