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These touring pegs for the 2008 thru 2012 Kawasaki Concours 1400 or the GTR 1400, will give your legs the comfort you have been looking for on those longer rides. The design allows the angle of your hip,leg and knee to change to provide increased comfort. They work well with multi-adjustable handle bars, risers, or risers with "wedges". They will accommodate riders with 29" through 34" inseams. Other products that only allow the foot to move forward a few inches merely change the knee angle.

For your safety, these pegs will not contact the ground before the stock pegs. The diameter of the peg allows the rider to comfortably rest their ankle on top of the peg also.

The design is frame mounted, and DOES NOT rely on any contact with the plastic fairing to locate the peg bracket. Installation takes about 20 minutes, and requires no drilling of the fairing or frame.

The hydro formed, steel brackets are stressed relieved, powdercoat primed, and finished in satin, black powder coat. The rubber ends of the pegs make extension and folding a simple movement of your foot. The pegs, when opened, are angled toward the rider's feet to provide the proper foot position.

Available in two versions: with and without pegs, for those owners wishing to utilize a different style peg.
The peg locating hole is ½" diameter.

Part # C-03100 - Complete 2008- 2012 Concours 1400 touring peg kit - $ 285.00

Part # C-03101 - 2008-2012 Concours 1400 touring peg brackets only - $ 240.00

C-1400 Touring Peg

C-USA Delivery Free


C-1400 Touring Peg
Brackets Only

C-USA Delivery Free

*C-USA = Continental United States of America.
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A few testimonials:

"I have to say that the fit and finish are superb. The materials are first rate, and the foot rests are very useful for an old man who needs to stretch his legs often. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for coming up with the design and for selling the kits."

"I drove about 1300 miles 2 weekends ago with the new pegs installed and they worked as advertised. I was able to stretch out my legs enough so as not to get the usual cramps in the knees."

"Just installed pegs and my legs are thanking you for this purchase."

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